Black Isle Studios was a division of the computer and video game developer and publisher Interplay Entertainment, created specifically for the development of computer role-playing games. It was based in Orange County, California, USA. The division was formed during 1996, adopting the name “Black Isle Studios” during 1998. The idea for the division’s name came from the Black Isle in Scotland – founder Feargus Urquhart’s native country. Black Isle Studios is most famous for working on the Fallout, Icewind Dale and Baldur’s Gate series of computer role-playing games, though it only published the Baldur’s Gate series.

Black Isle Studios

Black Isle Studios

In 1998, several key members responsible for the division’s first title, Fallout, left Interplay to form Troika Games after they “were unable to come to an agreement with Interplay as to how [their] next team should be structured“. On December 8, 2003, in the midst of serious financial difficulties, Interplay laid off the entire Black Isle Studios staff. By then, most members had moved on to found Obsidian Entertainment.


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5 Responses to “.About BIS.”

  1. zalibar Says:

    Either you are a truly devoted crpg fan or this is an very old blog…or most probably both! I’m so glad that I found this!:) All in all great job and a beautiful reminder of what crpgs were and what they could (and should have) become…except for Lionheart. That one was a mistake. Although potential was there without a doubt. Cheers!

  2. bg11 Says:

    What should really be done is a Lord of the Rings game to d&g rules as in the original bauldurs gate. That way you could control the entire party and either follow the plot of the film or change it.

  3. Mattias Says:

    Lionheart was not a mistake, I thought it was great, I have played all the black isles game except from the fall out series. I think black isles made the best games out on the market, I wish they still made touch and click 2.5d games like they did with baldurs gate, Ice wind dale, torment and lionheart.

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