Baldur’s Gate (1998) is a computer role-playing game in a high fantasy setting, developed by BioWare and released by Interplay Entertainment.


Baldur's Gate

Baldur's Gate


The story follows the player character as he or she grows up following the cataclysmic Time of Troubles, and it
puts an emphasis on character development through dialogue and battle. The game rewards the player character  according to his or her moral choices.

Baldur’s Gate is a role-playing game that uses the rule set of Advanced Dungeons & Dragon (AD&D). You create your hero by choosing one of the available classes (fighter, thief, mage, priest, ranger, and druid, including sub-classes, dual- and multi-class characters), his (or her) alignment, weapon proficiency etc. For the combat system, a special engine called Infinity Engine is used: the battles are turn-based, but are so fast-paced that the player has an illusion of fighting in real time. You can pause the battle at any time and assign commands (such a spells) to your party members. You can also freely move them around during battles. Set in the universe of Forgotten Realms, “Baldur’s Gate” is the first part of the saga that lets you explore various towns and wilderness,
undertake many side-quest, and find companions for your long journey.


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